Animism: what do animists believe? Recorded at The Druid Network conference 2012, in three 13-15 minute parts, beginning with a bibliographic history, moving into the questions that underlie The Wakeful World.
Part One : http://youtu.be/6Oqiq-H_uUc
Part Two : http://youtu.be/nsP2U6k3jxs
Part Three http://youtu.be/q322M1SYEaw


Spirits of the Sacred Grove (classic edition) (Moon Books, 2014) - a republication of the 1998 book noted below.

The Wakeful World : Animism, Mind and the Self in Nature (Moon Books, 2012) - more

Kissing the Hag : The Dark Goddess and the Unacceptable Nature of Woman (O Books, 2009) - more

Living with Honour : A Pagan Ethics (O Books, 2007) - more

Living Druidry : Magical Spirituality for the Wild Soul (Piatkus, 2004) - more

Ritual : A Guide to Life, Love and Inspiration (Thorsons/HarperCollins, 2000) - more

Druidry (Thorsons/HarperCollins, 2000)

Principles of Druidry (Thorsons/HarperCollins, 1998) now available free on www.whatisdruidry.org

Druid Priestess (Thorsons/HarperCollins, 2000) first published as Spirits of the Sacred Grove (Thorsons/HarperCollins, 1998)

Jointly Written

The Apple and the Thorn with William Melnyk (Thoth, 2007) on Facebook

Druidry : Rekindling the Sacred Fire with Philip Shallcrass (British Druid Order, 2002)
A Druid Directory with Phililp Shallcrass (British Druid Order, 2001)

Essays in Books Published

"Ethics" Paganism 101 ed. Trevor Greenfield (Moon, 2013)

"Jesus: A View from the Earth" Jesus Through Pagan Eyes, ed. Mark Townsend (Llewellyn, 2012)

"Pagan Ecology: On Our Perception of Nature, Ancestry and Home" The Wanton Green ed. Gordon MacLellan and Susan Cross (Mandrake, 2012) wantongreen.blogspot.com

"The Provocation of Religion" Silver Wheel Vol 3 ed Anna Franklin (Lear Books, 2011)

“On Devotion and Duty“ Green Spirit : Path to a New Consciousness ed. Marian Van Eyk McCain (O Books, 2010)

"The Ethics of Paganism : The Value and Power of Sacred Relationship" Pagan Visions for a Sustainable Future ed. Ly de Angeles, Emma Restall Orr and Thom Van Dooren (Llewellyn, 2005)

Articles and Excerpts of Published Works

A short number of articles are reproduced here in pdf format for downloading. Short excerpts from published books are also available to download.

Buying Books

If your local or internet bookseller, or library, doesn't have a book you are after from this list, I may be able to help - I have copies of some editions available for sale.