Living With Honour

Living With Honour : A Pagan Ethics
by Emma Restall Orr
(O Books, 2007)

Living With Honour is a provocative and uncompromising exploration of how Paganism can provide the philosophical guidance to live honourably in a twenty first century Western society.

It covers the history of Paganism, its undercurrents of anarchy, heresy, environmentalism and animism, finding its place within the history of Western philosophy. It addresses key moral issues from that animistic perspective, beginning with the foundation of human relationships and attitudes towards the Other, and explores the factors that hinder ethical action. it is a comprehensive guide to moral living from a Pagan perspective.

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'This is an excellent pioneering work, erudite, courageous and imaginative, that provides a new kind of ethics, linked to a newly appeared complex of religions, which are founded on some very old human truths.'
Professor Ronald Hutton, world expert on paganism and author of The Triumph of the Moon and many other titles.

'This is a lively, sensible and careful attempt to make sense of some very confusing, and yet important, areas of modern thought. I particularly like the clear style and the attention that the author gives to parts of the historical background which are usually misunderstood. The book should interest a wide audience.'
Mary Midgeley, philosopher, author of Science as Salvation and many other works.;